Choreographer rental service for company musical performances

What is a choreographer?

Choreography is the process of creating, planning and directing dance styles and movements to create a dance performance. A choreographer, called a choreographer, is the person who creates the plot, ideas, and expression of dance elements in a performance piece.

Choreography involves creating a harmonious combination of elements such as gestures, choreography, music, lighting, costumes and performance space. The choreographer is responsible for directing the acting, movements, postures and arranging the structure of a dance to convey messages, emotions and meanings to the audience.

Choreography requires a deep knowledge of the art of dance, sophistication in the use of space and time, the ability to interact with dancers and performance team members, as well as creativity and explore new ideas.

The choreographer’s goal is to create a unique, emotionally evocative and impactful dance piece that combines art and dance technique to create a wonderful performance experience for the audience.

Choreographer rental service at DK Entertainment

Vu Doan DK provides a team of choreographers with a variety of genres such as: traditional dance, modern dance, sexy dance, cheerleading dance, belly dance, LED dance, water drum, modern dance…

DK Vu Doan’s choreographer team is ready to provide training schedules to guide the company’s employees in dancing for year-end performances, Gala Dinners, Year And Parties, and company parties.

Types of choreography services of DK Entertainment

Customers only need to make detailed requests about genre and song, we will provide a professional choreographer who can create a perfect, independent dance performance with diverse genres such as: modern dance. modern, ballet, folk, contemporary, ethnic, hiphop, Flashmob… depending on customer needs:

  1. Choreography for corporate parties: We create dance performances that suit the space and purpose of the corporate party, from vibrant dance moves to gentle and luxurious parties.
  2. Choreographer for internal events: Vu Doan DK helps create unique and creative performances in the company’s internal events, such as opening ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, or related activities. employee engagement.
  3. Choreographer for Gala Dinner: We create sophisticated and impressive dance performances to add value to your company’s gala dinner, bringing a memorable experience to guests.
  4. Choreographer for year end party: Vu Doan DK performs vibrant and energetic dance performances, helping to create a joyful and exciting atmosphere for the company’s year end party.
  5. Choreography for MVs and TVCs introducing products and services: Vu Doan DK has experience in choreographing for MVs and TVCs introducing products and services. We create dance moves that are unique and consistent with the product’s message, helping to attract the audience’s attention.

Types of included services:

In addition to providing choreography performances, Vu Doan DK also provides accompanying services to support smooth training and choreography at affordable prices when used in conjunction with choreography services:

Rent performance costumes: 

  • Ballet dance costumes
  • Belly Dance costumes
  • Carnival dance costumes
  • Ancient dance costumes
  • Contemporary dance costumes
  • Mirror Costume
  • Hawaiian performance costumes
  • Modern dance costumes – Hiphop
  • Performance costumes with LED lights
  • Human Tuong performance costumes
  • Sexy Dance performance costumes


  • Egypt
  • Virtue
  • Korea
  • Greek
  • Laos
  • Japan
  • Spain
  • Thailand
  • China
  • Vietnam

Rent demonstration equipment:

  • Empty water
  • Led light
  • Led ROI


To ensure transparency and reliability in the process of hiring choreographers from Vu Doan DK, we created a detailed and comprehensive basic contract form. This contract contains important provisions such as timetable, costs, responsibilities and commitments from both parties. We commit to providing this contract template to you when you contact us to hire a choreographer.

Vu Doan DK is proud to commit to providing top quality choreography services. Our team of artists is carefully selected, ensuring talent, experience and expertise in the field of choreography.

We not only create beautiful performances but also ensure creativity and compliance with our customers’ goals and requirements. We listen and understand our customers’ opinions, thereby creating unique and sophisticated ideas, taking advantage of every aspect of dance to create a wonderful experience for the audience.

We are committed to providing professionalism, punctuality and dedication in every aspect of our choreography services. Our team of choreographers and staff are thoroughly trained, and we use high quality standards and processes to ensure every aspect of the performance is achieved to perfection.

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Dedicated team of choreographers and dancers from Vu Doan DK

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We understand that each event has its own requirements and budget. Therefore, the quote for hiring a choreographer will be customized based on your company’s specific requirements.

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