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Introducing Ba Ba led performance

Ba Ba Led, the combination of the traditional Ba Ba shirt and LED technology, has brought novelty in art. Folk songs are mixed with electronic music and DK dancers recreate new and eye-catching costumes in the familiar Ba Ba costume and conical hat in the movies “Land of the South”. A connection between two generations closer together through art will be a surprising element and highlight for the event.

Vu Doan DK is a brand specializing in providing dance troupe rental services, LED dance groups, fully programmed laser dance groups for large and small events. 

With a team of talented, professional artists and many years of experience, we are committed to bringing customers the most impressive and perfect performances. Let Vu Doan DK make a difference for your event!

What is Reflective LED?

LED Reflection is an art performance combined with performance equipment designed with bright reflective LED lights, often attached to the dancers’ costumes. When moving in darkness or low light, reflective LED lights will create unique lighting effects, highlighting impressive movements and images.

Highlights of the Led Dance performance in Ba Ba costume:

  1. Combination of tradition and modernity: Led Dance Ba Ba costume combines the traditional beauty of Ba Ba costume with the modernity and creativity of LED lighting, creating a unique performance space. and attractive.
  2. Creative performances: With diverse and flexible LED lighting, the Ba Ba costume Led Dance group can perform creative performances, from flexible movements to unique lighting effects, create beautiful and impressive images.
  3. Attraction and Impression: Led Dance with Ba Ba costumes will definitely attract all eyes and leave a strong impression in the hearts of the audience, creating a unique performance space and full of expectations.

Why should you choose our Ba Ba costume Led Dance service?

  • Professional dancer team: We have a team of experienced, talented and professional dancers, committed to bringing the best quality performances.
  • Modern costumes and props: Careful selection of costumes and props will make each performance more vivid and impressive.
  • Diverse performance content: We are committed to providing diverse, rich and unique performances that reflect the creativity and artistry of the dance group.
  • Reasonable price policy: Our services always ensure the highest satisfaction with reasonable prices and in accordance with customers’ budgets.

Our Led Dance group costume rental service is suitable for:

    • Big events: Festivals, fairs, openings, inaugurations,…
    • Music and entertainment programs: Live show, talk show, game show,…
    • Advertising events: Launching new products, promoting brands,…
      Private events: Birthday parties, weddings,…
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