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Interactive: 3D hologram, swab display, laser map combination

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Introducing 3D three-dimensional interactive dance, gauze screen interactive dance of Vu Doan DK

What is interactive dance?

Interactive dance (interactive dance) is a combination of the artist’s dance and lighting effects on the LED screen, bringing a unique and impressive experience to the audience.


Performances are often performed at events, applying 3D Hologram technology, laser mapping to create important moments (the moments after) that are beneficial in today’s professional event organization.


Later in the event, interactive dance not only created an emotional atmosphere but was also a great means to creatively convey the brand message.

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Múa tương tác led, hologram, gauze - Vũ Đoàn DK
What does interactive dance bring to your event & attendees?

Interactive dance performances by Vu Doan DK

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    Interactive dance combines Visual LED screen & many unique performance technologies

    Vu Doan DK’s interactive dance performance is invested in costumes, and can be combined with many technology performances: – LED clothes, LED sticks, handheld lasers – combined with laser mapping technology , the latest laser show.

    In addition, the LED screen visuals and video clips illustrating the interactive dance performance were edited specifically for customers by DK Entertainment Media’s media team, incorporating important details into the performance content:


    Interactive dance art is a unique type of art performance that uniquely combines 4 dance elements:

    • Dancer
    • Music
    • Light
    • Visual effects

    To create a magical, beautiful performance on stage, which is very popular around the world and in Vietnam.

    What events is interactive dance suitable for?

    With the diversity of performance types in the event today, the interactive dance performance conveys the message in a new and more attractive way.


    This performance is especially suitable for:


    • Product launch event programs.
    • Launches new products 
    • Organize company founding ceremony events.
    • Organize year-end events.

    For businesses that want to organize a new product launch event, the LED interactive dance performance will:

    • Contribute to promoting the image and brand of the business.
    • Contribute to promoting product brands to customers.
    • Communicate to customers in the most impressive and unique way.

    For programs celebrating anniversaries, establishments, etc., interactive performances with LED screens will:

    Recreate the entire operating process.

    Recreate the business development process…

    It can be said that interactive LED screen performances are always considered a key performance for each event. Because the performance brings the most majestic, beautiful and elaborate performance. Thereby, the performance also conveys the message to the audience and partners in the most complete way.


    Besides, impressive artistic performances in the long run will leave the clearest emotional and thinking value in the hearts of readers. Thereby, your event program will certainly be successful beyond imagination.

    Rest assured about the professionalism of DK Vu Doan's interactive dance performance process:

    To have such a unique performance, the crew must follow a professional process with the following steps:


    • Build ideas based on the content of the performance script.
    • Composing music for dances.
    • Choreograph the dance performance and practice the dance troupe 
    • Choose appropriate dance costumes.
    • Perform tricks and effects on computers and LED screens.
    • Design unique sound effects.
    • Hand over clips to customers.
    • Edit clips as required 
    • Be ready to show up and perform
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