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Appeared 9 years ago in a famous international competition and became a phenomenon in performance events at that time. Led ba ba has conquered millions of patriotic hearts

Ba Ba Led, the combination of the traditional Ba Ba shirt and LED technology, has brought novelty in art. Folk songs are mixed with electronic music and DK dancers recreate new and eye-catching costumes in the familiar Ba Ba costume and conical hat in the movies “Land of the South”. A connection between two generations closer together through art will be a surprising element and highlight for the event.

Vu Doan DK - Creative and long-standing Ba Ba LED dance group in Saigon

Vu Doan DK is a brand specializing in providing dance company rental services, LED dance groups, fully programmed laser dance groups for large and small events. 

With a team of talented, professional artists and many years of experience, we are committed to bringing customers the most impressive and perfect performances. Let Vu Doan DK make a difference for your event!

Thuê vũ đoàn nhóm nhảy Đà Nẵng

Why should you choose DK Vu Doan to perform Led Dane in Ba Ba costume?

  • Professional dancer team: DK Dance Group includes talented dancers, well-trained and with many years of experience performing Led dance. They understand Vietnamese culture and are able to perform Ba Ba dance movements in a flexible and soft way.
  • Uniquely designed Ba Ba costumes: We use high-quality materials, bright colors and modern designs to create Ba Ba costumes that both retain traditional beauty and are in line with trends. modern direction.
  • Impressive LED lighting design: The LED lighting system is designed in sync with the costumes and performances, creating shimmering, magical lighting effects that attract all eyes.
  • Diverse performance content: We provide a variety of Led dance performances with Ba Ba costumes suitable for many different themes and events. You can choose from available performances or ask us to create a performance according to your specific requirements.
  • Reasonable price policy: We provide Led dance group rental service with Ba Ba costumes at competitive prices, suitable for all customers’ needs and budgets.
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